Hello From Robin

by robinpar

Robin Parker, Executive Director
Beyond Diversity Resource Center

Hello everyone! I’m excited to make the first post to our second blog. This one, unlike our blog that features articles about cultural diversity (click here to visit that site), will be about what’s happening inside the Beyond Diversity Resource Center.

I must admit that I’m a slow adopter of social media. In part that has do with my age (I’m in my fifties and not naturally drawn to blogs as a primary form of communication), and in part it has to do with being a writer. I’ve always loved English and enjoyed the power that words have to influence people, but I’m sometimes disappointed with how people communicate through social media. For me, blogs, tweets, and instant messages communicate quickly—but often not deeply—about the ideas that are of concern to our society. Even worse, sharing ideas through social media sometimes inspires incivility.  I often read the comments after an online  article about the politics, for example, and I am shocked at how the anonymity of online comments inspires people to be mean-spirited. (You get my point.)

Yet I’m also excited about opening a dialogue with you about what we do at the Center. I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people at conferences, seminars, and events connected to social justice work, and I think that opening our “electronic windows” through this blog might be a good way to share some of our ideas and hear the ideas of others. My hope is that as Pamela (the Center’s training director) and I share our goings on, you’ll respond and share what you think and what’s going on in your life. Ultimately, I’m betting that we’ll all be enriched in the process.

So, by all means send us your thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions. Don’t feel any pressure to be profound—that’s too much work! Just let us know what you think.

Best regards,