Quickening of Compassion Cards Offer Renewed Pathways to Conversation

by lablaze75

The Beyond Diversity Resource Center is offering something new: Quickening of Compassion Cards. We developed the cards to promote greater compassion in our society.

Each Quickening of Compassion Card is two-sided. One side features a powerful visual image rooted in a struggle for humanity in the United States. (Some of the struggles are recent, others are older.) The other side bears a short, insightful meditation, and a suggested action to build greater compassion.

The cards promote as much inward contemplation as outward action. We believe that reflection, empathy, and action will help build more compassion and challenge the divisiveness currently churning in our society.

At Beyond Diversity, we believe a core element missing from many conversations these days is compassion. People often feel so strongly about their positions on a topic that they forget the common humanity we share.

Several detrimental consequences ensue. One is that people dig into their positions and stop listening. Another is that we have unproductive, often hostile, discussions. Still another is that our positions become so polarized that we see others with differing perspectives as one-dimensional stereotypes. The result? We effectively dehumanize one another.

This does not mean we should avoid conversations in which there are strong disagreements. Instead, we believe difficult discussions will benefit from participants using compassion for one another as a guide. Quickening of Compassion Cards can serve as reminders to act with compassion, to disagree passionately, but with humanity and understanding.

Compassion is the commitment to end suffering in the lives of others. It is a core feature of Beyond Diversity Resources Center workshops and training experiences. Compassion can open doors between “us” and “them.” It invites us to practice empathy and forgiveness, and to take action so that people are treated with fairness, kindness, and humanity.

Look for Quickening of Compassion Cards on our website in late March 2018.