Discover Quickening of Compassion Cards

by lablaze75

We’re delighted to introduce an innovative new product developed by the Beyond Diversity Resource Center: Quickening of Compassion Cards. Using the cards harnesses the power of compassion to help heal the wounds of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression.

Quickening of Compassion Cards present stirring images and reflective messages on individual cards. Each card in the set promotes deeper understanding of issues in U.S. history and suggests acts of compassion that people can take today, in the communities where they live and work.

These days, conversations on topics about which people disagree are often futile because there is no sincere attempt at understanding. As a result, people talk loudly and unproductively, or worse, there is no conversation at all. What’s missing? Compassion!

Quickening of Compassion Cards can be used in a group setting with a facilitator or by a single individual. An online manual offers detailed instructions, questions to consider, and historical background informaton.

The cards are great conversation starters for people interested in authentic dialog. With practice and through compassion, the cards can help open your heart – even to people with whom you have great disagreement.

Quickening of Compasion Cards are great for faith-based settings, such as spiritual retreats and workshops; diversity trainings; high school classrooms – especially history and social studies; and among social justice advocates.

Each Quickening of Compassion Cards set is $19.95, with discounts for bulk purchases.

Compassion asks us to live up to our best values and Quickening of Compassion Cards can help the process.

Click here for a short Screencast about Quickening of Compassion Cards.